3D Portrait Scan (Kent) + 3D Model Bust (Large 25cm)
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3D Portrait Scan (Kent) + 3D Model Bust (Large 25cm)

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Welcome to our 3D Portrait Scanning Service!

Great for all ages and sizes. Make sure you go down in history or remember your children when they were young.

Book an appointment on one of the available dates and times to reserve your 15 minute scanning time slot.

Scanning time usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Once your scan is complete we will fulfil your chosen package.

Choose from one of the following options:

1. Keyring - 3cm tall head (neck upwards)

2. Mini Bust - 4cm tall (shoulders upwards)

3. Chess Piece - 10cm tall (Head integrated into a king or queen chess piece) 

4. Christmas Bauble - 8cm tall (Head only with hanging hook)

5. Small Bust - 8 cm tall (Shoulders Upwards)

6. Front Face 18cm tall - (Chin upwards face only wall mountable)

7. Medium Bust - 15cm tall (Shoulders upwards)

8. Large Bust - 25cm tall (Shoulders upwards)

Then Choose your Colour:

1. Gold

2. Silver

3. Bronze

How does it work?

Turn up to our location in your favourite clothes / uniform / outfit.

Take a seat and let us do the rest!

Our team will use professional scanning equipment to take a very detailed 360 degree scan of your shoulders and upwards. No flashing lights or scary lasers!

Scanning usually takes no longer than 5-10 minutes.

We show you a preview of your scan and your done!

We will then take your scan back to the lab to process and create your clone in your chosen colour.

Manufacturing and painting can take between 2-3 days.

We then post your masterpieces via a tracked 2-3 day service. 

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